Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kill the cull, not the badgers!

Kill the cull, not the badgers!
The failure of the Badger Trust’s appeal against the judicial review judgement last week means that the trials will start in Gloucestershire and Somerset very shortly to test the suitability of ‘controlled shooting’ as a method for culling badgers.
We would like to ask for your support in calling on the Government to stop the planned cull of badgers on the following grounds:
· Over 70% of the badger population in large areas of the country will be killed, many of them healthy. The method of free-shooting badgers could cause severe injury to many thousands of badgers.

· Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB, and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.

We urge the government to stop the cull and implement the more sustainable and humane solution of both a vaccination programme for badgers and cattle, along with improved testing and biosecurity.
Please show your support and sign the petition to stop the badger cull

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spotted Crake spotted...

                                          Many thanks to Paul Chapman for the photo.

A spotted crake was first seen last Thursday afternoon by L Wheatland. It has stayed around and was last recorded on Monday (Sept 3) in the hide book. The photo shows the bird on the nesting island in the North Pools. It is best viewed from the middle hide,  creeping along the water's edge and sometimes flying. A new species for the reserve!