Monday, 9 August 2010

July Birdwalk

‘On Tues evening 27 July, we enjoyed a bird walk and talk at Portbury Wharf, with our local birder Steve Hale. Steve has over 30 years experience of observing the birds of Portbury Wharf and the foreshore of the Severn Estuary down to Chapel Pill and Portbury Dock.

We welcomed 22 people, included children and grandparents, for the 2 hour walk from 6-8pm. We watched the tufted ducks with their broods on one of the two larger northern pools and discussed the extensive list of 140 species of birds that Steve has listed over the years – over half of these breed or have bred on the reserve (please see downloadable file on Portbury Wharf web site).

We ended viewing the barn owl box which we had checked with local expert Chris Sperring only 3 days before, who had been hoping to ring the birds. We were delighted to find 4 rather mature ‘chicks’ who had already fledged and been flying – a skill they all ably demonstrated by flying off over our heads – a real treat for us, but they were too mature to ring. Chris also commented that 4 is the largest brood he has seen this season – a testimony to the good populations of prey animals such as voles which we know we have locally. It was too early at 7.30pm to observe the family of 6 barn owls, and the large group of eager bird watchers would not have helped!

This was the first of many wildlife events which will be organised at Portbury Wharf. Please watch the web site for more details and contact us direct with email address if you would like to be contacted directly.’